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Our Mulch Installation service provides an easy and cost-effective solution for improving the look of your garden, while also protecting plants and soil from erosion. Trust us to do it right.
  • Mulch Installation for Mckinzie Landscape in White Lake, MI

If you’re looking to enhance the appearance of your yard, then a mulch installation service is an excellent solution! Mulching involves placing a layer of material over the soil, which not only improves aesthetics but also has several benefits for plant growth.

Firstly, it can help to retain moisture in the soil which helps plants stay hydrated during heat waves. Secondly, mulch acts as an insulating layer around plants and prevents them from experiencing sudden temperature changes. Thirdly, it can help to improve soil fertility by gradually breaking down over time and releasing nutrients.

Additionally, getting professional assistance with mulching is a wise decision as we will ensure that each plant receives enough coverage without being buried too deeply. This will keep your garden looking healthy and vibrant all year round while also minimizing weed growth.

Overall, opting for a mulch installation service is an affordable way to improve the look of your garden while promoting healthy plant growth.


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    Wonderful job done by Dylan! I highly recommend! Fair price too! Neighbors tree fell in my yard and created this mess! Came home to a clean yard! Thanks Dylan you did a great job! (Trees in second pic is my neighbors yard)

    Kari Nell White Lake, MI